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Recommended Xonotic settings


Mouse sensitivity

Make sure that your mouse has plenty of space to move (at least 15cm). Reduce your sensitivity to amount that will allow you to comfortable do a full 360° turn.

Here are some essential keyboard shortcuts:

  • F3 — spectate;
  • F5 — change team;
  • F11 — disconnect from server;
  • F10 — quit game;
  • b — open in-game quick menu;
  • e — use item (hook or grenade, depending on server);
  • t — chat;
  • y — team chat;
  • f — drop weapon or ride a player/monster.

Configuration files

First you need to find your Xonotic data directory:

Operating System Data directory Location
Windows C:\\Users\\user\\Saved Games\\xonotic\\data
GNU+linux ~/.xonotic/data
macOS Home → Library/Application Support/xonotic/data

Data directory may contain one of following config files:

  • config.cfg — generated automatically by the game;
  • autoexec.cfg — user config that will be automatically executed on game start.


Place these settings in your autoexec.cfg:

Essential settings:

hud_damage_blur 0 // do not blur the screen when damage is taken
r_bloom 0 // disable bloom effect that washes out the image

Optional player visibility improvements. This will disable custom models and will make players display at maximum vibrance:

playermodel "models/player/megaerebus.iqm" // use player model with full brightness
cl_forceplayermodels 1 // other players will be displayed using your models
cl_forceplayercolors 1 // other players will be displayed using your colours
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